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My fandoms [28 Sep 2014|12:30pm]
Blame ghyste. Two memes I can't pass up in one week. :)

Here are my fandoms in roughly backwards order (similar ones are lumped together). Certainly these were all obsessions:

Nerd Fitness! (my current fling)
Star Trek (reboot, TOS & TNG)
West Wing
Monty Python
Elijah Wood
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Jane Austen
World War II
Quantum Leap
Merlin (various incarnations)

I'm sure there are more. Each was extensively viewed, often with supplemental research-- what's the fun, otherwise? :)
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Books and music [23 Sep 2014|09:09pm]
Okay, I'll bite.

Rules: In a text post, list ten books that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard – they don’t have to be “right” or “great” works, just the ones that have touched you. Tag ten friends.

The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien
The Jungle Books by Rudyard Kipling
The Crystal Cave series by Mary Stewart
Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne
Sherlock Holmes (all 54 stories) by Arthur Conan Doyle
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Elfquest by Wendy and Richard Pini
Smoky the Cowhorse by Will James
Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny

Speaking of Lord of the Rings, I did a wild thing and purchased the VIP Gondor package for Trilogy 1 for hearing a live symphony play the music for each movie three consecutive nights. If anyone is interested, maybe we can meet up with you this April in New York! Details here:
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Thoughts on the art and business of writing [20 Jul 2014|01:02pm]
I wrote the following comment for earlgreytea68, but I wanted to post it in my journal as well. I'm in the process of tuning up my life after a long slump, starting in 2008 when I lost my home business and had to go work in an office. My fiction was pushed to one side and I felt trapped, angry, and bored.

Fortunately, things have improved over the years. I have an interesting job now, which really helps. I've started a new fitness routine with Nerd Fitness-- yes, some guy has built a community just for me. I'm actually going to Camp Nerd Fitness this September to hang out with geeks like me.

Best of all, I "woke up" about 2 years ago, rejoined a pro SF critique group, and started actively marketing my fiction: sending it out and keeping it out. This led to many sales, hooray! But I still haven't figured out how to carve out sufficient time for writing new fiction.

Well, the time is now. I'm not sure how, but I'm going to do it. If I can do my fitness routine every morning (which I've now been doing for 2 months), if I can eat healthily even on busy days or traveling, I can certainly work fiction back into the mix. It's a huge part of who I am. I need to make room for that spirit to grow and be nourished. Today, I figure out how. :)

Anyway, earlgreytea68 wrote about her first novel publishing experience here, and I responded below. And, to my surprise, wrote this post inspired by it.

I want to thank all of you, the reading and writing and supportive community, for your comments and encouragement. It's because of you I'm writing. It's because of you, I'm happy. You are all wonderful.

more writing thoughts belowCollapse )
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Sherlock S3 Reaction Post [13 Jan 2014|09:17am]
Whereinwhich I must admit, sadly, that as much as I truly adore what Gatniss and Moffat have done by bringing me modern-day Sherlock, they in fact aren't Arthur Conan-Doyle and they really don't have his magic when it comes to inventing creative and entertaining crime fiction.

There's so much to enjoy in Season/Series 3, but overall they've made a few fatal missteps which I hope will be corrected for S4.

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Saw Hunger Games and Desolation of Smaug [15 Dec 2013|07:46pm]
Saw Hunger Games and Desolation of Smaug this weekend.

REALLY enjoyed Hunger Games: Catching Fire. MUCH stronger than the first Hunger Games. This is science fiction at its best; speculating about social issues and making the audience think. Totally intense and I have to read these novels pronto. :)

Of course I'd read The Hobbit years ago. It wasn't as close to my heart as LOTR, so I was prepared to enjoy a seriously AU version of the original story. I was expecting PJ to delve into things in the appendices, so you could see Gandalf finding out these clues in his explorations of Dol Guldur.

But, alas. While there were some entertaining moments, overall, this movie for me was a miss. SPOILERSCollapse )
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Another story published [08 Dec 2013|07:16pm]
An online zine called 365Tomorrows had some trouble with their email notifications. It turns out they'd published me back in July and I never knew it. Anyway, So here's the link-- more dark humor.

What a wacky end of year it's been! I have three stories new stories (if you call the July one new) in the last month.

My funny SF flash story:

The double Analog issue with my name on the cover:

I feel so fortunate. It's keeping those stories in the mail; I kept sending them out, until they found a home. I'm insanely grateful that they did.

Happy December!
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Read it and Giggle-- MUCH better than weeping! [06 Dec 2013|08:10pm]
Hello, dear friends!

First, I got another story published! What a great year it's been for actual sales. This one is some silly, nondenominational humor for the holidays, 500 words, set in a spaceship. Beware of mice. :)

Next, a VERY funny (yet grisly) article about hobbit remains discovered in PJ's attic. It will make you snort.,34754/?ref=auto

It's freezing here, so I will wish everyone a warm and snugly weekend. Hugs all around! *pulls cat into lap*
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New story in Analog Science Fiction and Fact! [16 Nov 2013|12:53pm]
They even put my name on the cover, the sweet people!

Vince must find out why he's suffering serial amnesia. Is someone trying to off him, to steal his research-- or is it something else entirely? Lighthearted geekish mystery.

Needless to say, this made my day. Happy Saturday to you all!

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Can you catch an alien invasion as easily as you catch a cold? [01 Jun 2013|11:51am]
That's what my hero Stephanie finds out in my new short story -- Yay! That just got published in Michael Moorcock's New Worlds Magazine. It's a UK publication, and editor Roger Gray is a dear.

I've been actively sending my stories out and (what's hard) rigorously sending them out again when they come back. So this story, "Just a Sniffle", came back one evening after work. I'd already lined up the next market on the spreadsheet, so instantly sent it to New Worlds and went to bed. Work up the very next morning to an enthusiastic email from Roger saying, "This is just what we were looking for!". (Where's that "my heart is melting from happiness" icon?) deets about the story and linkCollapse )
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Writin' maniac [18 Feb 2013|09:59pm]
Whahoo! Really buckled down and I got 16 short stories out in the mail today-- a new record! (Only 2 are new; the rest have come back over time, but I got them all out in the email again!)

So I feel very accomplished and writerly today, even if my poor neck is sore!
Happy Monday, everyone! And since it will be Tuesday in only 2 hours-- Happy Tuesday, too!
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For what it's worth... [18 Jan 2013|06:11pm]
I am a newly minted member of the freshly formed Boulder County Citizens Against Gun Violence. And yes, we are looking for a better acronym! Currently the group consists of the 21 folks who attended the nonpartisan meeting last night in Lafayette, with attendees ranging from Westminster to Boulder to Longmont. Saner gun lawsCollapse )
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A holiday confession [26 Dec 2012|01:33pm]
I am a deadbeat. Totally.

I have FAILED to send out cards and I've not bought a single present. I've had a virus for almost 6 weeks, and it's made me too exhausted when home from work to do anything but collapse.

Fortunately, I'm feeling better after 4 days of rest. I have the rest of the year off, and so I look forward to sending out New Year's greetings in lieu of holiday greetings.

To all my dear friends, you are much in my mind. I'm wishing you a happy, safe, and love-filled holiday season. See you soon.
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I'm a winner! [19 Nov 2012|09:09am]
Today I woke up to the following email from Story Quest magazine:

We are pleased to advise you that your story has been awarded first
place in our contest (there were 7 finalists, including winners). The
judges recognised a quality story, and you deserved your placing in
the 2012 contest.Read more...Collapse )
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SOPA, PIPA, censorship panel [17 Oct 2012|07:58am]
Hello, dear LJers!

Yes, I got sucked into the work black hole again. Not out of it yet, but I'm going to my annual SF conference this weekend and will be speaking on a panel about Internet censorship. Well, regulation-- SOPA, PIPA, copyright infringement, etc.

I know no one here has any opinion on that, but in case you do, I'd love to hear your thoughts! The focus is on legalities; how much rights do corporations have to capture revenue and search out offenders (yeah, like breaking encryption) vs. the public's right to free knowledge. (Well, actually not a right; even public libraries were fought when they got started.)

Please drop me a line! And hugs to all of you.
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Mariole and Maggie Vacate Again [17 Sep 2012|08:18am]
It is September. Time to view the beautiful outdoors. Mariole decided to begin this journey by being eaten by a bear.

P1020382 sm

Our Gruesome, Magnificent JourneyCollapse )

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Opening Ceremonies [28 Jul 2012|08:41am]
For those of you who watched the Opening Ceremonies last night, I thought I'd throw my impressions into the pool (into the Pond?). It's fortunate that I'm having my annual writers retreat in the mountains, because my faithful 20-year-old television set finally died last week, and I've yet to get a new one. But it was lovely viewing this program with 6 other writers, all of us swooning over the children's literature section. Opening impressionsCollapse )
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Shocking revelations at the Wildlife Sanctuary [15 Apr 2012|12:09pm]
When we last left Maggie, we believed she'd been thrown as cat kibble to a pride of ravenous beasts.

The Shocking TruthCollapse )
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Feeding Maggie to the Tigers [14 Apr 2012|06:04pm]
THE thousand injuries of Maggie I had borne as I best could, but when she ventured to insult Aragorn, I vowed revenge. You, who so well know the nature of my soul, will not suppose, however, that I gave utterance to a threat. AT LENGTH I would be avenged; this was a point definitively settled. I must not only punish, but punish with impunity.

So, when Maggie said, "Hey, let's go visit the Colorado Wild Animal Sanctuary-- you know, that place that has 70 tigers, plus lions and bears," (oh, my), I sensed my moment was near.

Oh, my! With picturesCollapse )
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Your wonderful advice [30 Mar 2012|08:01am]
First, I'd like to thank each and every one of you who responded. You have helped so much! I have read and pondered every comment. I feel so much better, energized, and have some very specific plans to implement.

I want to thank and respond to you individually, but just don't have time this morning-- meetings will commence. However, you have really, REALLY saved the day.

I'm so grateful for this community and for your individual kindnesses I could burst. Really, I love you and you deserve even more! Happy Friday, everyone.
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Advice about ongoing unpaid overtime and work stress [29 Mar 2012|05:04am]
Hi, my friends! I'm up writing at 3:30 in the morning because I have a tension ball in my stomach and can't sleep. A wonderful situation at work turned on its head. Any advice regarding my mistakes and situation is very welcome. And listen, feel free to tell me what a jerk I've been, because I am not blameless in this mess I've made for myself. I'm going to a wider audience because I'm trying to assess just how serious my infractions are, and how I might mend the rifts.

the deets-- lots and lots of deetsCollapse )
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